Reading Your Home Inspection Report

Reading a home inspection report can seem overwhelming, but it’s important to understand the information contained within to make informed decisions about your potential property. Here are some tips for reading a PinPoint Home Inspection report:

  1. Look for the summary: Our home inspection reports start with the full report but we suggest you click on the summary that provides an overview of the property’s condition, including the issues or areas of concern. This is a great place to start if you’re short on time or want a quick understanding of the property’s condition.
  2. Review the details: The body of the report will contain more detailed information about each area of the property that was inspected, including the roof, electrical systems, plumbing, and HVAC systems. Be sure to read through these sections carefully and take note of any issues or areas of concern.
  3. Use the links embedded in the defect descriptions. Many of the descriptions in your report will have a link for more info which will give you even more detail about each issue and help you determine whether its an easy or inexpensive fix and also give you better understanding of the component as a whole.
  4. Look for recommendations: PinPoint’s home inspectors will include recommendations for repairs or upgrades in the report. These can be helpful in prioritizing the most important items to address.
  5. Pay attention to photos: Your home inspection reports include photos (and sometimes videos) of any issues or areas of concern. These can be especially helpful in visualizing the problem and understanding the severity of the issue.
  6. Ask questions: If you have any questions about the report, don’t hesitate to ask your inspector for clarification. We will be able to provide more detailed information and answer any questions you may have.

In conclusion, reading a home inspection report is an important step in the home buying process, providing valuable information about the property’s condition. Take the time to review the report carefully, paying attention to the summary, details, links, recommendations, photos, and asking questions as needed. With this information, you can make informed decisions about your investment and ensure that you’re aware of any potential issues before closing on a property.

PinPoint Home Inspection goes through all of the systems of the house and visually inspects and/or tests them to make sure they meet the minimum standards required by the Mississippi Real Estate Commission. We also identify the age and functionality of house components; such as the HVAC (air conditioning and heating), water heater, electrical systems, plumbing, etc for future maintenance purposes. We serve Jackson, Madison, Clinton, Canton, Brandon, Flowood, Gluckstadt, Pearl, Florence, Byram, Terry, Crystal Springs, Hazelhurst, Brookhaven, McComb and surrounding areas of Central Mississippi.

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