Services We Offer

We offer a wide range of home inspection services right from residential home inspections to roof inspections as well as commercial inspections.

Residential Home Inspection

Home inspection covering roof to foundation and everything in between. Know what you’re getting before you purchase. Price is determined by size, age, and features of the home.

Commercial Inspection

Full inspection of commercial property. Price is determined by size, age, and features of the structure.​

Pre-Listing Inspection

Full inspection of the home prior to being listed on the market. Know what can be corrected prior to the buyer's home inspection. Price is determined by the size, age, and features of the home!

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A specific inspection verifying repairs were made by the sellers prior to closing. $100

Full Thermal Imaging Add-On

An in depth inspection using the thermal camera taking a look at all components of the home. This can be only purchased as an add-on to an inspection.

Annual Roof Inspection

Yearly preventative roof inspection focusing on catching small problems before they become big problems. Price $100

Annual Home Maintenance Inspection

Yearly preventative inspection focusing on common maintenance defects.

Post-Inspection Walk Through

Go through the home with the inspector and get an explanation of defects at the end of the home inspection. This is included with the home inspection.

Drone Inspection

Roof inspection using an aerial drone. Allows us to see parts of the roof we otherwise may not see. This is included with the home inspection.

Single Component Inspection

Individual inspection of one component of the home for the purpose of verifying the functionality of that component. Price is determined by which component needs inspection.

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