Maximizing Spectora Software for Agents

The best way for agents to maximize the software we use at PinPoint Home Inspections is to utilize the repair request list builder.

Repair list builder is a feature in Spectora that enables real estate agents to create a list of necessary repairs for a property. Here’s how agents can use the repair list builder effectively:

  1. Customize the list: Agents can customize the repair list builder to suit their needs, such as adding or removing categories and items, and adjusting the priority of each item.
  2. Use the Inspection Report: Spectora’s inspection report provides a comprehensive list of potential issues with a property, which agents can use to generate a repair list.
  3. Collaborate with inspectors: Agents can work with inspectors to prioritize repairs and ensure that all necessary items are included in the list.
  4. Share with clients: Agents can share the repair list with clients, including buyers and sellers, to help facilitate negotiations and ensure a smooth transaction.
  5. Track progress: Agents can use the repair list to track the progress of repairs and ensure that they are completed in a timely manner.

By using the repair list builder in Spectora, agents can streamline the repair process and improve communication with clients and inspectors.

PinPoint Home Inspection goes through all of the systems of the house and visually inspects and/or tests them to make sure they meet the minimum standards required by the Mississippi Real Estate Commission. We also identify the age and functionality of house components; such as the HVAC (air conditioning and heating), water heater, electrical systems, plumbing, etc for future maintenance purposes. We serve Jackson, Madison, Clinton, Canton, Brandon, Flowood, Gluckstadt, Pearl, Florence, Byram, Terry, Crystal Springs, Hazelhurst, Brookhaven, McComb and surrounding areas of Central Mississippi.

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