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Why are we the most reliable home inspection service in Mississippi? Check out our home inspection articles, where we cover everything from why you should get a home inspection to how we get it done.

Reading Your Home Inspection Report

Reading a home inspection report can seem overwhelming, but it’s important to understand the information...
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One of the most COMMON defects with dishwashers: a high loop, and 6 SIMPLE steps to install it!

PinPoint Home Inspections Mississippi does dozens of home inspections each month and one of the...
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Maximizing Spectora Software for Agents

The best way for agents to maximize the software we use at PinPoint Home Inspections...
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Kick Out Flashing – What it is and why you need it

Kick-out flashing is a type of roofing detail that helps prevent water from entering a...
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5 reasons you need to pay attention to drip edge as a homeowner!

Does the roof of your home have a drip edge? If not, it probably should. ...
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5 Essential Tips for a Safer Electrical System in Your Home

Electricity lights up our homes, powers our appliances, and keeps us connected to the world...
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4 Reasons PinPoint Home Inspection Mississippi Will SAVE YOU MONEY!

Introduction PinPoint Home Inspections Mississippi understands the difficulty of finding the right home inspector to...
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